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    Asahi Chemical Research Lab (M) Sdn. Bhd. provides solutions to all your special requirements and different kinds of applications in your SMT assembly, PCB assembly as well as semiconductor assembly. Our strong R&D team has been actively developing eco-friendly products and improving existing products to reduce the impact to the environment and community.

Asahi Product Range:

Liquid Flux & Thinner

Asahi Speedy Flux is used to attached SMT components to PCB board and suitable for wave soldering, selective soldering, wire harness etc. Various types of products are available for wide range of process applications. Product types include rosin, synthetic resin, low solid, halogen-free, VOC-free and water soluble type.

Solder Paste

Asahi Solder Paste is developed for fine pitch reflow soldering application. This product use spherical shaped solder powder with low surface oxidation mixed with high reliability flux system. Alloy types include the common SAC, SnBi and patented SN100C. Available for stencil printing and dispensing application.

Flux Paste

Asahi Flux Paste is suitable for BGA balls attachment and rework use. Product types include halogen-contained and halogen-free.


Asahi Cleaner is specially designed to remove flux residues from flux spray equipment, stencil, conveyor belt/finger and wave pallet/jig by manual cleaning or machine cleaning via ultra-sonic bath equipment. Product types include eco-friendly water-based and solvent-based.

SMT Adhesive

Asahi Adhesive is heat curing type epoxy resin based adhesive used to attach SMT components (MELF, Chip & QFP) to PCB surface before wave soldering or reflow. Product applications include dispensing and printing type, high temperature or low temperature curing.

Silver Metallization Paste

Silver Metallization Paste is a silver conductive paste modified for dispensing application in Silicon Wafer cell metallization process.

Conductive Paste

Asahi PTF Conductive Paste is a silver paste for touch screen and membrane circuit, applicable for ITO-PET film. PTF paste for substrate such as touch screen switch, membrane circuit formation.

Carbon Paste / Copper Paste

Asahi Copper Paste is a series of copper conductive paste which dispersed conductive powder to a epoxy resin uniformly.

Strip Mask

Asahi Strip Mask is used as a peel-able type masking ink for heat resistance to many kinds of ink and produce less contamination to plating solution. It is also used as a electro-less plating resist ink.

Heat Curing Solder Resist for FPC

Heat Curing Solder Resist is a dielectric coating paste which acts as thermosetting resist for flexible printing circuit application. It features excellent adhesion on the flexible film substrate.

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